The experience at DLA was life changing and transformational. The courses cut across all spheres of life, they were quite practical and insightful, I had never experienced anything like that before.

-Aloba O.

At DLA I learnt what it takes to be a leader indeed. My mentality changed as a result of the lectures. Now I understand what it takes to grow an organization, to be an entrepreneur, to bring change to myself, community, nation and the world at large.

- Faleye A.

Considering the drastic change in my life and work within one year via the knowledge I received at DLA,i thought it wise to come back and say thank you.


I had a dream of establishing an NGO(Non Governmental Organization) focusing on the street kids and their parents in Ilorin, Kwara State but how to go about it was not clear to me even after the C.A.C (Cooperate Affairs Commission) Registration.

Then, I concluded on coming back for the ADVANCE COURSE. Now the NGO (Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative) has a primary school with 32 used to be street kids from Nigeria, Niger Republic and Mali. We also organize Skill Acquisition Class for their parents. Added with these are my wonderful team members, eleven of them all volunteers. The NGO is fast becoming an household name here in Ilorin. Thank you so much sir for showing us the practical way of organizing a flawless training.

- Funmi O.

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